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Honeymoon Do’s

by Val Oscar

So, saying you had your fair share of dates, found the right man or woman after so long of searching or dating, decided to become an item, pop the question and finally get married. I do believe it’s honeymoon time, and assuming you have no kids before hand (if you do you’ll need a baby sitter that wouldn’t mind a 7 day baby sitting) all you got to do is plan the honeymoon and then go on! Relaxing and enjoying yourselves now that you share the same last name and are officially one. So what’s first? I’d assume it’d be booking the hotel room in the place you two happen to wanna go for the honey moon, whether it be a beach or high up in the mountains, you’ll always need to book a hotel room.

Booking a nice cozy room for two can sometimes be a bit tricky. Never know if they are ripping you off and never know ahead of time if the service is really as good as they say it is. Some companies actually even make a pre packaged honeymoon deal where rooms and trips are included, saying you want to do something like that will take some searching on the web of your own. I can say though, is that Sandals is known for offering couples, newly weds as well, some of the most romantic vacation experiences that they possibly can, starting with the hotel room! Which means you buy the package and you got yourself the room already booked. What’s interesting is, is that only couples can actually STAY at those resorts. Where as friends, family and singles can visit, that’s all they can do, visit. So you don’t gotta worry about them pesky singles that make loud noises and all that. So it should be nice and peaceful. Each Sandal’s package comes with the room which is pretty decked out. I mean, they got beautiful rooms and furnishings. Great views and a balcony. Nice tiled floors, a whirlpool bathtub and even a walk-in shower. They make it that relaxing comes real easy there. They even got a dang spa and massage places! I’d go just for that!


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So when you decided to book at a Sandal’s resort, the honeymoon package will include a lot of cool goodies. You’ll have a nice bottle of chilled sparkling wine waiting in your room, petals on your bed for whatever reason, fresh flowers in the room and breakfast ready for you. So look it up and see if you can find an affordable package for you and your loved one.

After the whole hotel room is booked or if you went with the package, you’ll have almost no worries, except for food! One of the best things you can probably do is avoid the fast food and go for some nice candlelit dining! Soft light, only you two, nice food, romantic atmosphere. Sounds worth it to me. But don’t worry about going all out with a 5 star restaurant, unless you really want to spoil her on the trip. A simple 3 or 4 star restaurant works just as well. Possibly even home made, have the food in your room, light your own candles. That would be romantic as well, shows you can cook for your man/woman, which is probably important after marriage.

After you got the room, package and food down, all you have left to do is enjoy yourself! Congratulations on the marriage and I hope the love lasts forever, good luck!